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When Yamaha’s first “Disklavier” had its debut in 1986, connoisseurs of traditional grand and upright pianos experienced a successful combination of acoustic and innovative digital instruments. In addition to genuine and traditional piano play, this innovation enabled among further alternatives the recording and automatic reproduction of piano music. The most contemporary series of hybrid instruments, YAMAHA “Disklavier” Mark III, now has truly astounding features. Not only has the “live” reproduction of performances on acoustic pianos become possible, but also the inclusion of accompanying recordings of instruments and song. Through this instrument, you can record and play your own music with orchestral accompaniment, compose complex, multi-track arrangements and make headway in the fascinating world of midi devices, computer technology and the internet.

The unique combination of excellent acoustic instruments with digital diversity has lead to a rapid spread of the popularity of disc pianos among pianists, teachers and music lovers around the world.