The pianohouse


There’s one thing everyone who comes to us has in common: They’re all looking for an upright or grand piano. But this is where the similarity ends: do you wish to fill your living room with music or a whole concert hall? Do you need an acoustic or a digital piano? Is it important that the sound can be muted or should it be as powerful as possible? Does a romantic sound fit your taste best or do you prefer pristine tones? Are you looking for a beginner’s piano or a concert instrument?

Not to worry: with our competent consultation, individual offers, customized finance modules and extensive range of services, we will help you make the right choice. On more than 700 square meters we have over 100 pianos and around 20 grand pianos to show you. Free of any obligation, we will take the time to answer any questions you may have, even in the evening and on weekends - just the way you would expect things to be done in a business as personal as ours.